Find all the information you would need to know regarding Getrim, viz. Nutrition facts and other important information; Availability of Getrim; How it works or the science of Getrim; Reference studies and the Company behind this unique product.


Find all the information you would need to know regarding Getrim, viz. Nutrition facts and other important information; Availability of Getrim; How it works or the science of Getrim; Reference studies and the Company behind this unique product.

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Weight Loss

What is healthy weight loss?

Healthy weight loss is achieved through following a healthy calorie­-controlled diet and exercise. This is the only proven way of achieving long-term weight loss without any side ­effects. Getrim products help you to follow a calorie­-controlled diet.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Nutritionists recommend that one should aim to lose between 2­ to 4 kgs in a month which can be achieved by limiting daily calorie intake by a few hundred calories. Anything more would require drastic changes to one’s lifestyle, and generally such changes are short­lived and even unhealthy.

Can I stop using Getrim products after I attain my desired weight?

Getrim products help you follow a calorie-controlled diet, and we suggest that until you reach your desired weight you can make Getrim products part of your regular diet. Once you reach your desired weight, you can stop using Getrim and switch to a healthy calorie­-controlled diet of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. And whenever you need to balance your calories and reduce a few pounds, Including Getrim in your diet will be an easy way to do that.

Can people of all age groups use Getrim?

Getrim is made out of natural ingredients and approved flavours, and is safe and beneficial for all age groups. We do not recommend the use of Getrim to children, as nutritionists recommend a healthy diet and exercise regimen with a focus on a positive lifestyle change. Kindly consult your pediatrician if your child needs to lose weight.

Can children take Getrim?

Kindly consult your child’s pediatrician. Children needing to lose their weight must focus on wholesome lifestyle changes with the right support of the whole family.

Do I have to do exercise?

Exercise is very important not only to burn calories, but also for one’s general well­being. Hence, we strongly advise to follow a basic exercise routine for at least 30 minutes a day. Generally, living an active lifestyle ­ be it walking in the park, taking the stairs or doing housework ­ is a great way to burn excess calories and manage the weight in the long-term.

Is Getrim a new product? Have people been successful in reaching their desired weight using Getrim?

Getrim has been in the market since 2005, and we have sold more than 5 Lakh Getrim products so far. Lots of people have achieved safe weight loss by using Getrim products as part of their healthy diet. The products are also widely and consistently used by reputable nutritionists as part of their healthy diet plans.

Do nutritionists and doctors recommend Getrim?

Getrim products have been widely used by Dieticians and Nutritionists as part of the healthy diet plans that they recommend to their clients.

What does science say about healthy Dieting?

Studies have shown that reducing about 500 calories a day will help one lose between 2­ to 4 kgs of weight in one month in a healthy manner. However, this reduction in calories must not come at the cost of nutrition.

How long should I take Getrim?

For as long as it takes you to reach your targets. With or without Getrim, following a healthy calorie-­controlled diet and an active lifestyle is the best way to lose weight in a healthy way. Getrim products are specifically designed to help you follow your diet over the long-term.

Do I have to use all Getrim products to lose weight?

All Getrim products have been designed to help you stick to your healthy diet. Every product has been designed to meet a certain need of the dieter and it is really up to you to decide where our products will fit into your diet. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you can get off to a great start with your diet by having a healthy and tasty Getrim milkshake or smoothie. It is low in calorie and keeps you going until your next meal. Getrim meal­bars can help you especially during those busy moments in the day when hunger strikes but you do not have access to the kind of healthy, low­calorie foods that are consistent with your diet. Getrim meal­bars are packed with proteins and fiber that keep you full and satisfied.

How do I get started on Getrim?

If you already know how to plan a healthy calorie­-controlled diet then you can get started with Getrim products right away. However if you need help in planning your diet and require assistance, then our nutritionists can help prepare a diet­plan, personalized to your needs. click here to know more about our nutritionist ­prepared diet­plans>>

How do I get a diet plan?

The “Ask an Expert” section in the website has a questionnaire with some basic questions that can help our nutritionist recommend a personalised meal plan for you. After you submit the questionnaire, the meal plan will be emailed to you within 7­ to 10 working days

I’ve been on diets before and they haven’t worked for me?

The only proven way to lose weight is to follow a healthy diet and an active lifestyle with basic exercise. Diet will work when it is followed. Crash diets such as skipping meals to reduce calories are counter­productive and will also have long-term consequences on your health. On the other hand, Getrim can be used as part of a healthy diet to help you lose weight in a safe and natural way.


Where can I find Getrim products?

Getrim products are widely available in retail outlets such as supermarkets and medical stores. Please visit the store locator to find the shop nearest you that has Getrim

Can I buy online?

All Getrim products ­ shakes and bars ­ can be purchased online. Please click here for details.

How much do they cost?

All Getrim products have a MRP and is sold throughout India with the same price. Please check the product webpage for the price>>


Are there any side effects? 

Getrim products are completely safe for long­-term use. Getrim products help you follow a healthy diet, and it is the healthy diet that helps you lose weight. Getrim doesn’t act directly in the body and make you lose weight. Getrim contains no drugs, herbs or medicine and is completely a food product.

What are the ingredients in your products?

Getrim contains no drugs, herbs or medicine. Getrim is completely made of food ingredients. Please see our product web pages for the complete ingredient list.

Is it suitable for Diabetics?

The Getrim milkshakes contains no added sugar and are safe for Diabetics. In general, all Satva products are low in sugar and simple carbohydrates. The Getrim meal bar contains only 8 gms of sugars, and while this quantity of sugar is low, we recommend that you consult the doctor before taking the Getrim Meal bar.

Is Getrim natural?

Getrim is completely natural except for permitted flavours and colours.

Can pregnant women or lactating mothers take Getrim?

Pregnant and lactating women are generally not advised to follow calorie-­controlled diet. Kindly discuss your weight with your doctor.