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Calorie-controlled healthy eating

We believe that the healthiest way to achieve long-term weight-control is through a calorie-controlled diet and an active lifestyle.

If you're already making the effort to eat healthy, our range of nutritious low-calorie meals and snacks will complement your diet. So you can take control of your diet instead of letting it control you.


your Diet

Low in calories should not mean low in nutrition

of a healthy diet

Adding tasty and nutritious Getrim products to your healthy diet helps you stick to your diet for longer


Getrim way

Getrim has a range of milkshakes and nutrition bars to help you stick to your diet

Ingredients comprise:

  • High in fiber
  • Multiple-source proteins
  • Low in sugars
  • No trans-fats
  • Vitamins &┬áminerals
  • Great-tasting
  • Convenient to eat and carry
  • Meets your nutritional requirements

Small Things
add up

Not big changes, because diets are not a magic cure. So be patient and give it time.

Healthy snacking is essential. So eat, you don't need to starve anymore.
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